The Great Health Data Heist

Whether it is actually on the books, or just a glimmer in Big Brother’s eye, I don’t know, but the latest wheeze of the data-centralists is to seize information from GPs on our health without worrying about little things like confidentiality or consent.

Now, perhaps I’m being naive, but when I hand over information under a confidentiality clause, I expect that that means it will be confidential. It just shouldn’t be legal to take information without consent!

In one sense, I’m not too worried as I know for a fact that my medical records are a mess – half the information is inaccurate and half the really pertinent information that should be there is missing – and I make it a point to avoid the medical profession as much as possible, so a lot more information never gets anywhere near them. So, from a privacy point of view, personally, I have little to fear – the government can go over my medical notes with the metaphorical fine-tooth comb and they will come away no wiser about me than when they started.

Unfortunately, if, as we often here, they decide to start sharing data through the NHS, I do foresee problems. At the moment, if I was to end up in hospital, I or someone else would provide all the information they need and, if this was impossible, they would approach my case cautiously due to the lack of information. In the future, whether I am able to talk to them or not, they could be making life-and-death decisions based on flawed information. At least GPs don’t decide whether or not to operate on you and you are in the room, able to talk to them, and you have the option of discussing medicine with the pharmacist if you have any concerns. The GP is unlikely to kill me because their record keeping is poor. A doctor in emergency or a surgeon could well do so.

To ensure both our safety and our privacy, the government needs to stop this health data heist. Before the election, the Tories promised to halt Labour’s plans in this area and such autocracy doesn’t sit well with the supposed ethos of the Lib Dems, yet the Coalition is pushing ahead with the plans regardless. It seems that whoever we get in government, they go with the corruption and disregard the views of the people. So much for democracy!


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