Fraud saves money?!

Wonderful news story – a woman was found guilty of benefit fraud only for the authorities to discover that she had saved them money! Although she had been claiming income support whilst working, it turned out that it was worth less than the in-work benefits she could have claimed legally, leaving her and the authorities equally red-faced!

Bizarrely, this prompted an accusation that it showed that the benefits system was failing to encourage people back into work. Bizarre enough a claim given that it involved a case of fraud and had nothing to do with people turning down jobs because they couldn’t afford to be in work. But, most bizarre as she would have been better off admitting she was in work and claiming the benefits due to her – or, in other words, the benefits system, in this case at least, was geared towards making work pay! What might have been a better accusation to level was that the system is obviously not making it clear to the unemployed just how much better they could be in work and that it probably isn’t making it easy to claim in-work benefits.

Still, it’s nice to know that even benefit fraudsters are doing their bit to help slash government spending. In fact, if anything, fraudsters seem to be doing a better job of it that George Osborne and his chums!


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