Better odd than scum, Cameron!

Apparently, David Cameron thinks that UKIP includes some ‘pretty odd people’. It probably does. Of course, the Conservatives include some pretty scummy people (Cameron and his chum Osborne come immediately to mind), so odd is hardly the worst thing that a member of UKIP could be. Whatever your views on UKIP, they do have actual policies on important issues and actually care. All Cameron cares about is clinging to power in the face of the fact that he is unwanted by almost everyone in the country, having managed to alienate not only the Tories’ traditional foes but their traditional supporters with a callous disregard for anyone who isn’t wealthy.

Of course, it should come as no surprise that he is desperate to tarnish UKIP, even if the best insult is to say that some members are a bit ‘odd’, given that it is swiftly placing itself as the most credible opposition to Cameron. With Labour as mismanaged as the Tories, the LibDems imploding, the Greens nowhere to be seen, the BNP just plain unelectable no matter what and everyone else too small or too regional to have a chance, UKIP has become the protest vote of choice for many, with the added insult of actually being a plausible contender in elections; if nothing else, it will allow the incompetents at Labour to snatch enough Conservative seats to remove Cameron from power, although that scenario doesn’t offer any more hope than him staying in place at the moment. Unfortunately, despite the threat that UKIP pose to both major parties, neither seems to be heeding the message that new thinking is needed to re-engage with the electorate, nor that new blood is required to replace the failed leadership clinging grimly on to the wreckage they’ve created.

Perhaps other small parties, or new political movements, will follow UKIP’s lead and take the fight to the major parties that have utterly failed to govern Britain in the 21st (or, indeed, 20th) century. We may be seeing a moment when the political landscape of the UK radically changes – hopefully for the better. If it doesn’t, things can only get worse, no matter which of the failed relics wins the most seats at the next election….


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