Another Ed Balls-up!

It seems that, just as the Tories couldn’t win despite the Labour government offering them Parliament on a platter, Labour just cannot take advantage of the fact that the Tories are not only doing all they can to upset traditional Labour voters but are also doing all they can to drive their own supporters away. Somehow, we’ve reached a situation in politics where governments are so bad that the opposition should win easily without any real effort, yet the opposition fumbles the ball! Unfortunately, that just means that whoever wins the coin toss of an election will be just as bad as the loser, with an added dose of weakness and compromise, rather than actually keeping the idiots out of power…

Given incompetent, dithering Osborne’s mismanagement of such things as, well, pretty much every aspect of the economy, it should be easy for Labour to seize the initiative, offer some halfway-decent policies and present themselves as the party with a plan. Of course, that’s hard to do when your shadow chancellor played his part in making the mess that Osborne singularly has failed to fix! Especially when he’s still living in his own world of unreality…

Ed’s latest wheeze is to wheel out the rhetoric that was too common under Labour and has only been ratcheted up under the Tories – blame the unemployed. Yes, the unemployed must be made to take jobs whether they want them or not! (Um, yes, we’d like to take jobs, if anyone’s offering…) Unlike the Tories, who seem to assume that there is a huge lagoon of jobs going unfilled due to the workshy-ness of the unemployed, Ed has tried to cloak his rhetoric with the shadow of a policy but vaguely promising to spend money to create the jobs that must then be taken. Unfortunately, not only is his policy a nebulous thing, but, it seems, the money he plans to use has already been earmarked for other Labour policies… So, there probably won’t be any money to somehow create jobs that will somehow be guaranteed to the unemployed. With policies like that, Ed might as well stick to calling the unemployed feckless!

If someone more competent than Ed Balls was making such a suggestion, it might be cause for celebration as what the unemployed desperately need is not patronisation but for jobs to be created. The vast majority of the unemployed are not lazy or workshy – they want to work, but there just aren’t the jobs; and those jobs that do exist are more likely to go to those in work or recently made unemployed rather than the long-term unemployed, creating a vicious circle. It’s not a difficult concept to grasp, but is seeming beyond the ken of Ed and George. Of course, if politicians came from the real world of work and unemployment, rather than the riches and entitlement that infest the ranks of both major parties, we might see real ideas offered to solve real problems…


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