Be Nice To The Nice Ones

I am privileged to know several really nice, kind, caring, hardworking people. But, it has struck me that all of them are depressed. Maybe it is the time of year with gloomy weather and the approach of the festive season with all of its emotional baggage, but all these wonderful people, despite the cheery facade they put up for others, feel blue.

For some, it is health problems that must be struggled with. Others are unemployed and not only are left to wonder why they cannot land a job (a fact that baffles me – any firm would be lucky to hire them) and loathe to have to rely on handouts whilst feeling like a failure, but must contend with overpaid pundits and politicians labeling them ‘workshy’ – if they knew these people, who not only work hard for friends and family, but for neighbours, charities and the community at large, they would know that they are anything but shy of work! Others feel as if they have failed in other, personal ways, as if they have let themselves or their family down, when nothing could be further from the truth. Most of all, shared by them all, is the fear that, despite having gone beyond the call of duty, that they are not doing enough for others, not being attentive enough to their needs.

Some of the things these people do are great, mostly it consists of those small kindnesses that are only noticed when they are not performed, yet are so vital. Without them, the world would be a darker place. We need these people, but, too often, we neglect them.

We need to remember that those nice people who do those acts of kindness that we all find so vital are in need of some acts of kindness themselves. They shouldn’t be taken for granted. They definitely shouldn’t be made to feel guilty when they cannot stretch themselves to superhuman levels. They need to be appreciated and loved. So, please, be nice to the nice ones!


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