Mail Boycott?

Now, here’s a boycott I’d back – postmen are threatening to refuse to deliver mail handled by rival companies that go the final, vital stage through the Royal Mail. About time!

It is disgusting that the government has allowed rival companies to cherry-pick the most lucrative sections of the postal service whilst expecting the Royal Mail to do the hard work of actually delivering the mail. This is singularly the biggest threat to the existence of the universal service as rival companies entice businesses away from using the Royal Mail, draining it of vital business, undercutting it, thanks to the fact that the Royal Mail is, in essence, subsidising their service.

I am opposed to the end of the Royal Mail universal service, but, if it has to end, let it end with a level playing field where everyone has to compete fairly, not with the vampire-like sucking away of the Royal Mail’s lifeblood as it desperately turns to dumping junk mail on our doormats in an attempt to remain profitable (something else that I am opposed to – the Royal Mail should be about service, not profit).

As 90% of the mail I receive that has any value to me is fully serviced by the Royal Mail, I would welcome such a boycott. I might be slightly inconvenienced, but not significantly so, and it might actually force a resolution to the current inequities. The Royal Mail is extremely important and well worth saving!


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