Cycling To Disaster?

I seldom read about sport, but Des Kelly of the Daily Mail had something pertinent to say about cycling safety following the accidents involving Bradley Wiggins and his coach, Shane Sutton, offering three steps to greatly improving the situation. The first step might seem a little unfair, given the way that some cyclists behave, but is balanced by the third.

  1. Any incident between a car and a cyclist should be considered the car driver’s fault, unless it can be proved otherwise. That changes the duty of care and protects the vulnerable.
  2. Any cyclist who hits a pedestrian should face the same sanctions for the same reason. Cyclists, too, have a duty of care.
  3. Police should penalise any cyclist running a light as they would a motorist. Police must fine cyclists who do not make themselves visible with lights at night, as a driver without lights would be. These laws already exist – so they should be enforced.

In addition, I would add requiring cyclists to undertake a proficiency test and be insured, as with motorists, to the third step, and a fourth step of banning cyclists from the pavement where they are a constant menace to pedestrians. As a source of fitness and non-polluting means of transport, cycling is something that should be encouraged, but, at the moment, between the risk of injury to cyclists on the road, and the danger that they pose to pedestrians on the pavement, increasing the numbers cycling would not be a good thing. Hopefully, commonsense will prevail and the situation will be changed as Des Kelly suggests.


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