Get Britain Working!

You have to give it to them, the Coalition are full of ideas about what to do with the unemployed. Sadly, it seems that the one idea that has slipped them by is actually ensuring that there are jobs and that the unemployed are getting them. If few jobs are being created and those that are being created are effectively being used for a game of employment musical chairs where someone gets laid-off from one company only to be taken-on elsewhere, it doesn’t matter how hard you make life for people on benefits, they still won’t be able to find work. About the only thing that will happen is that people who are deprived of benefits and cannot find work will turn to crime and take to the streets to riot, which is hardly an ideal situation for them or anyone else. Rather than always fixating upon the workshy – a tiny minority – they should be looking at what can be done to create jobs and ensure that they are going to the people who need them. The right sorts of jobs are needed in the right places – it’s no good creating a thousand IT jobs in a town with a thousand unemployed manual labourers, and it’s no good creating a thousand jobs in a town that has little unemployment. The government needs to stop talking and apportioning blame and get to work on solving the problem before it!


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