Are You British?

What does it take to be thrown out of Britain? Too often it seems that if you are a rapist, a child abuser, a murderer, a thief or even a terrorist, the UK will welcome you with open arms. Abuse Britain and its inhabitants as much as you like and nobody will touch you. Yet those who deserve to be here are tossed aside without regard for their rights. In the worst cases, Zimbabweans are sent packing to face an uncertain future under a dictator installed by Britain in a former British colony – unlike other refugees (and people falsely claiming to be refugees) with no ties to Britain, they do not receive sanctuary. Even refugees fleeing Afghanistan and Iraq – countires where Britain must shoulder some responsility for the mess they are in – are frequently turned away, even when they were interpreters who worked for Britain, putting their lives at risk.

But how can we expect decent treatment for such people when those who should be unquestionably allowed to remain here are booted out whilst all manner of undesirables are granted a home? You would expect that a man born to British parents in a British colony, who has spent most of his life in Britain, who held a British passport, who owns a home in Britain, who is married to a Briton, who has a brother with British citizenship, who has paid his taxes and who was even a victim of terrorism here to have no problem. But, no. Due to his having taken Australian citizenship whilst working in Australia, acting under the assumption that he had dual nationality, he has been told he is unwelcome here. Even had he renounced his citizenship, the fact that he would be an Australian (a member of the Commonwealth and a country that shares its head of state with the UK) with close ties to the UK ought to be enough to ensure his right to remain.

Isn’t it odd how the state is happy to take his taxes and even for him to blown-up as a sort of proxy sacrifice for its misdeeds, but it isn’t happy to let him spend his remaining days living in his own home, with his family and friends about him? He is no danger to Britain, nor a drain or detriment. If any more proof were needed that the immigration system in this country was a hotbed of lunacy, this is it! Will he win the reprieve he deserves? Will sanity be restored? The answers truly are impossible to predict!


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