PC Figleaf

It seems the real reason for the existence of Political Correctness is to act as a figleaf for bigots too uncomfortable to express themselves openly. You see it all the time. So-called Feminists can abuse men without guilt and turn on women for such serious transgressions as looking too attractive, not looking attractive enough, being too fat, being too thin, or living their life as they see fit, rather than as any man or woman demands. Non-whites can freely indulge in racism against whites, and White Britons and Americans can abuse East Europeans in turn, all protected by the PC cocoon of accusing those they wish to racially abuse of being racist first. The thin can abuse the fat and the fat can abuse the anorexic. About the only area that such PC camouflage doesn’t seem to extend is to the disabled, who can be freely abused by just about anyone without much being said or done. So, if you want to express your hatred of some section of humanity, all you need to do is tar them with the bigotry brush and your abuse is enshrined in Political Correctness as just and righteous retribution for them being too slow to accuse you of discrimination first!


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