Olympic Double Standards

So, a Greek athlete has been dropped from the Olympics for making a joke. It wasn’t a funny joke, nor was it racist nor even particularly xenophobic. Even in the context of her apparent support for the Golden Dawn it doesn’t come across as offensive, and barring her from the games for her political affiliation smacks of fascism.

So, she is banned from competing in a competition that features teams from such lovely countries as North Korea (although, as the flag fiasco highlighted, it’s possible they only got in because someone mistook them for South Korea). So, evil dictatorships are okay, but support the wrong Greek political party and you’re out. Perfectly fair.

The irony, of course, is that she is banned because her supposedly racist/xenophobic joke goes against the Olympic ideals. Apparently nobody involved noticed that the whole aim of the Olympics is about proving that your country is superior to other countries – nationalism and racism at its best. If the games were just about friendly competition and getting to know one another, wealthy countries wouldn’t pour millions into building winning teams to prove their superiority over impoverished nations.

Rather than booting an athlete for lacking a good sense of humour and, possibly, being a bit xenophobic, the Olympics should be cleaning up the corruption and vile elitism that are rampant within the games. Far more harm is done by those running the great Olympic scam and the legitimisation that they give evil regimes than could ever be caused by a bad-taste joke on Twitter. If there was a gold medal for hypocrisy, the Olympics would win hands down!


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