So, that’s where the money went!

With all the cutbacks going on, the public are often left to wonder where all the money has gone. As far as policing goes, we have discovered that the reason we are short of bobbies on the beat is because the Met and other forces have such inadequate vetting procedures that they can employ a violent, racist, muderous thief who can break the law with impunity without noticing that he is one of the criminals they are supposed to be protecting the public from. The money spent on employing (and, indeed, botching the prosecution of) him would have been better spent on employing decent policemen. Instead, we get a police force that seems closer to a street gang that guardians of law and order. Indeed, we might be better off paying street gangs protection money than having legalised protection money taken in the form of tax.

As to how the prosecution failed, one has to wonder just how inept the prosecuting lawyers were and how stupid the jury were. Anyone who has seen the video of the attack can be in no doubt that it was anything but murder – there is absolutely no way in which mitigating factors can be claimed. One can only assume that the jury thought “Well, yes, he clearly launched an unprovoked attack, but he is a policeman….” Hopefully, after discovering the litany of complaints against him they have been disabused of such naive notions. That many people will have their doubts about the police, the police, as a body, have only themselves to blame – which is all the greater a shame as it was this villains fellow officers who were blowing the whistle on his activities – these decent people have been let down by a system that did not properly heed their warnings; they must feel dispirited to have their reputations tarred by the very behaviour they warned against….


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